Photo Restorations


Rediscover the beauty of your old photographs. Equipped with state of the art digital tools, our master artists can repair any kind of damage. Whether your photograph has a tear, crease, fading. or water and mold damage, our master artists will restore your photograph to it's former glory.

Box full of memories

Let William Edwards Photography take the hassle out of scanning your old photographs. Our mission is to offer you the simplest, easiest and most reliable photo scanning service. Simply bring us a shoebox of your old photographs and we will do the rest for as low as $1.00 per image.

We strongly advise that you contact us first so we can discuss your needs and offer a tailored service if you have concerns over any of your photos.

Suggested checklist:

  •  Remove photos from photo albums/frames
  •  Check photos for Blu-Tack, sellotape and anything else sticky; where possible, remove it
  •  Separate photos that are too dirty or dusty
  •  Separate photos that are too damaged


We cannot accept photographs in albums or frames at William Edwards Photography, so we ask that you remove your photos from them before you bring them to us.

There are a few reasons why we have taken this seemingly hard line. While we treat everything with respect and great care, the primary reason is that we don't want the responsibility of removing potentially fragile photographs from what could also be a rather fragile family photo album or frame.

Sticky + photographs + scanning = problem.

Our scanner is a sensitive piece of equipment. It is meticulously cleaned and maintained and we do this to ensure the best possible quality for your scanned photographs. In order to maintain this high level of quality we made a decision to refuse to scan any photo that could damage our equipment. This leaves you with two choices, either remove the sticky elements yourself or accept that the sticky photos will not be scanned; in either scenario you have the option effectively of scanning more photos that are better suited.

If there are some that you really want to be digitized, we may still be able to find a way to do this for you, either using different equipment that is not automated or with an additional service.

Damaged photos don't scan well...

Photos that are damaged, folded or creased will ultimately become scans of damaged, folded, creased photographs.

If there are some that you really want digitized, we may still be able to find a way to do this for you using different equipment that is not automated; we had a few old photographs of our own we wanted to scan that fell into this category.

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